Astrology Says Tonight’s Supermoon In Virgo Means It’s Time To Finish Projects

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Astrology Says Tonight’s Supermoon In Virgo Means It’s Time To Finish Projects

“Stop procrastinating!” – The Moon

Tonight the moon will drift closer to the Earth for a second time this year, resulting in a Supermoon that will shine big and bright in the sky. If you follow astrology, you might know that this giant full moon is appearing in Virgo, the Zodiac sign of hard work, practicality, and sound judgment. It’s also the end of Mercury in retrograde, making tonight a powerfully energetic time (it also means you can’t blame all your problems on a distant rock in space anymore.)

Virgos are hard-working folk; they’re particularly dedicated to thinking critically and finishing what they’ve started. With this Supermoon appearing in Virgo this evening, it’s time to embody that Virgo spirit, hunker down, and finish projects you started earlier in the year. Perhaps you had a new year’s resolution to finish something that you’ve been putting off; now’s the time to bring that project to a close.

With Mercury coming out of retrograde (which is said to mess up communication), it could also be a good time to use Virgo’s level-headed spirit to start an important conversation with someone that you’ve been avoiding lately. Ghosting does nothing but delay the inevitable; it’s time to speak up.

The Supermoon tonight is also March’s first full moon, making it the Worm Moon, which means spring is almost here! As you finish your project from Jan, now is also a good time to clean house, set new intentions for the season, and practice a little rejuvenating self-care. Tonight’s moon marks the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Of course, none of this is set in stone and if you don’t believe in astrology, that’s totally fine. Now is a good time to recommit to your values, projects, and routines regardless of what the moon is doing. We’re just excited to see this big, beautiful space rock light up the sky tonight.

Image by Patricia Alexandre from Pixabay

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