9 Clever Apps To Help You Stick To Your New Year Resolutions

Charli Renken Charli Renken

9 Clever Apps To Help You Stick To Your New Year Resolutions

New year resolutions are notoriously hard to stick to, but with these smartphone apps you can make longterm lifestyle changes!

Every year we start off Jan with fresh new eyes (and rose-colored glasses.) “This year is different. This year I’m going to achieve my goals,” we tell ourselves and then a few months into the year, we’ve slid back into our old habits. It can be totally demoralizing to set a goal and quickly lose track of it a few weeks in. We can’t promise you that this year will be different, but we can give you some tools to make forming good habits a little easier. Here are 9 apps to help you stick the landing with your 2020 new year resolutions.

1. Manage stress with Headspace

Headspace is the premium app for meditation. Their approach to mindfulness is less about trying not to think and more about allowing thoughts to rise, noticing them, and letting them pass. In addition to programs that teach you how to meditate, Headspace also has a number of guided programs for specific emotions, situations, and skill-building. Subscriptions start at $12.99/month which is kind of pricey considering you can get a lot of free guided meditations online. However, the service does have discount pricing for students ($9.99/year) and families ($19.99/month for up to six people.) More information.


2. Learn how to eat better with Noom

Noom is a relatively new nutrition and weight loss app that uses psychology to help you make sustainable, healthy changes. Every day you log into the app for a ten minute or less lesson on why we eat the way we do and how to make sustainable lifestyle changes, all of which is backed up by years of psychological research. While it can be a little expensive (as much as $40/month depending on when you buy) you get a lot of bang for your buck with a personalized plan, goal specialist, support group, and healthy recipes. The app frequently has deals, though and your first two weeks are free, making it easy to see if the system is right for you.  More information.


3. Upgrade your workout with Aaptiv

If you want to work out but don’t know how to get started, Aaptiv has thousands of guided workouts to help you keep your new year resolution to exercise more. Choose workouts like strength training, running, yoga, and more all delivered to you through audio instructions. They also have multiple fitness plans from Intro to Weight Loss to 5K Training. You’ll never get bored at the gym with expert coaching and your favorite music paced perfectly with your workout. Aaptiv starts at $14.99/month or $99/year. Students can get 50% off through UNiDAYS, making Aaptiv a great option for students who want to make healthy habits between piles of homework and exams. More information. 


4. Make mental health a priority with Betterhelp

Betterhelp makes it easy and affordable to see a mental health professional and allows you to reach out for help anywhere at any time. Every therapist on the app is a licensed professional with years of experience. You simply fill out a survey and you’re instantly connected with a therapist that you can text, call, and video chat with whenever is easiest for you. Counseling starts at $40 a week making it more affordable than most face to face therapy sessions. If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health issues, Betterhelp can pair you with someone that can help. More information. 

Note: If you or someone you love is in an emergency mental health situation, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. 


5. Track your habits with Done‘s simple habit tracker.


If you have a lot of new year resolutions, it can be helpful to track how well you’re doing with them. Done is a simple habit tracker than allows you to see how often you’re working out, meditating, cleaning your apartment, etc. You can also create customized reminders and even write yourself words of encouragement for when keeping good habits gets tough. More information. 


6. Learn a new language with Duolingo

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new language but didn’t have the funds or time to take a class, Duolingo is a great option. Build language skills with daily lessons, quizzes, and games in languages like Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Hebrew, and many more! There’s even lessons in fictional languages like Klingon (beta version) and high Valyrian. Duolingo makes it funny and easy to learn a new language or brush up on your high school Spanish lessons. Plus, it’s free! More information. 


7. Read more and support local bookstores with Libro.fm

Looking to read more in 2020? Libro.fm allows you to listen to 125K+ audiobooks in a way that works for you. Pay per book if you’re an occasional listener or subscribe monthly to get one free audiobook and 30% additional purchases. Using Libro.fm also supports your local bookstore because it allows you to buy audiobooks from stores in your community. The service also comes with recommendations from booksellers so you can read the best of bestsellers. More information. 


8. Save for your goals with Digit

If saving money is your new year resolution, Digit is one of the top money-saving apps on the market. Simply connect your bank account to the app, set savings goals for yourself, and Digit automatically takes out a little money every day to save. It never takes out more than what’s safe for your budget and you can even set specific rules for maximum savings and overdraft protection. You don’t even have to think about saving with Digit’s little-by-little approach and saving for specific goals allows you to set aside money for specific goals. Soon you’ll have enough to fund you’re backpacking trip through Europe! More information. 


9. Increase your endurance by running from the undead with Zombies, Run!

This is another fitness app, but we love it so much we just had to include it. In this audio-adventure fitness game, you are one of the few survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Head out for a run or hop on a treadmill while the story plays through your headphones where you’ll go out on supply-gathering missions to build up your base, rescue survivors, and uncover the mystery of Abel Township. Run too slowly and zombies will start to chase you, forcing you to speed up or drop supplies to escape. Talk about motivation! Zombies, Run! is an immersive running experience like no other. The app is free to download and use with ads. For premium, ad-free content you can sign up for Abel Runner’s Club for $7.99/year. More information. 


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