Raise Your Vibrations In Tune With The Cosmos At These Yoga & Sound Healing Classes

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Raise Your Vibrations In Tune With The Cosmos At These Yoga & Sound Healing Classes

We’re picking up good vibrations from these astrological yoga classes.

If you need a little bit of spiritual rejuvenation, there’s a phenomenal yoga class we think you should give a try. Coming to some Chicago’s best yoga studios is the Astrological Vibrations Yoga & Sound Healing Tour by Yoga on the Beach Chicago. Nourish your mind and body with one hour of Yin/Vin yoga fusion while soundscapes and vibrational healing soothe your tired soul. Tickets for this incredible tour are on sale now!

Yoga on the Beach Chicago offers some of the city’s most popular yoga classes and while it’s much too cold to go near the lake, that doesn’t mean the good vibes have to stop. The Astrological Vibrations tour is a unique experience touring several of Chicago’s best yoga studios. Part yoga class, part social and vendor market, the tour is meant to leave your body rejuvenated, your mind relaxed, and boost the health of your social circle.

Each class takes place once a month each at a different yoga studio and on during a specific, astrologically powerful event, such as the full moon. Rest assured, your energies will feel perfectly aligned with the cosmos during these immersive gatherings Act soon, though, because tickets are likely to sell out for this popular event.

Meet like-minded individuals on a similar path to self-development, shop from top vendors, and enjoy sound healing and yoga classes from some of Chicago’s best teachers. Following each class will also be an assortment of refreshment and vegan bites to refuel after your astrological journey. Realign your energy and create a solid foundation for 2020 at these incredible classes.

Your journey has just begun. Tickets are on sale now!


Feature photo by Form on Unsplash.

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