This Bar Is Selling Ice Cubes Of Mayor Lightfoot And Other Memes

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This Bar Is Selling Ice Cubes Of Mayor Lightfoot And Other Memes

That’s one way to cool down.

As many bars and restaurants have begun to sell beer, wine, and cocktail kits to keep the citizens of Chicago refreshed during the pandemic, Lincoln Square-bar, The Sixth has taken measures one step further by selling ice cubes.

But these aren’t your typical gas-station-run bag-of-ice cubes we’re talking about, these cocktail-style ice cubes feature superimposed memes of Lori Lightfoot. One cube, features a rather unpleased mayor with the caption “Stay inside,” while the other pictures a suited Lightfoot that would later become the source of the lighthearted Where is Lightfoot? memes. 

The two other cubes in the pack features the “This is fine” dog, which in case you’re unfamiliar, was based on a two-panel comic strip of a dog sitting inside a restaurant engulfed in flames only to saw, with a smile on its face, “This is fine.”

The 2×2 meme ice cubes come in packs of 16 and go for $20 a pack. You can order these through their page on upserve, where they are selling more Sixth Quality Cocktail Ice, including Floral Collins ice, that which is a flower encapsulated in a long prismatic ice cube.

If you want to put your ice cubes in something, the bar is also selling a cocktail kit along with top shelf whiskey.

Along with other bars and restaurants in Chicago, The Sixth had to shutter its doors when the state-mandated stay-at-home order was put into place. As of yesterday, Lightfoot announced that restaurants would be allowed to reopen for outdoor seating beginning June 3, when the city moves into Phase 3 of its reopening plan.

Presently the state is also in the motions of legalizing the sale of premixed cocktails for to-go sales and delivery.

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