Chicago Will Enter Phase 3 Of Reopening Plan Next Week

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Chicago Will Enter Phase 3 Of Reopening Plan Next Week

The city will reopen some businesses June 3.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced last week that the city would not enter Phase 3 of the state’s reopening plan on May 29 with the rest of Illinois, instead eyeing a date in early June. Earlier today, the mayor stated that date would be June 3.

“On Wednesday, June 3, the City of Chicago will take our first step into phase three of our reopening process,” the mayor said.

Facilities included in the reopening are restaurants and coffee houses (partially), barber shops, child care, golf courses and other outdoor facilities, salons, and other non-essential retail stores.

Beforehand, the mayor was hesitant in reopening some of the city’s facilities, warning that the governor’s date, May 29, was too soon for the city. On June 3, however, the city will permit some businesses to reopen in respect to certain guidelines and limitations.

“Our hope is during phase three, we’ll be able to open other parts,” the mayor said, in regards to potentially granting public access to city beaches and the Lakefront.

Libraries, summer programs, gyms, parks, and religious services will remain closed until June 8.

The mayor remains cautious, however, warning that if the city sees a new spike in COVID-19 cases, it would be willing to take a step backwards in its reopening plan.

“Let’s be clear: under no circumstances should our move to phase three be confused with this crisis being over — because it’s not,” said Lightfoot.

Earlier this week, the city released a guidebook on what dining at restaurants and bars would look like in respect to abiding by social distancing, hygiene, and the practice of wearing masks.

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