38 Lighthearted Lori Lightfoot Memes To Make You Laugh While You #StayHome

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot guarding public spaces is exactly the meme we need right now.

It’s human nature to try to find some levity amidst difficult times. A new meme of Mayor Lori Lightfoot standing guard of closed public spaces has been circling Chicago’s internet lately. The Mayor even said during a press conference that she likes the #WheresLightfoot memes popping up on social media. We like them, too, so we put together a list of our favorites for easy access to look at when quarantine is getting you down.


1. This Teletubbies remix just kills us.


2. Lightfoot guards this local business


3. She meant it when she said to stay off the Lakefront


4. This painting makes us giggle


5. Crown Fountain joins in the fun with this one


6. This person wrote a #WheresLightfoot parody of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”


7. Lightfoot guards the Glessner House


8. Stay away from baseball pitches, too.


9. No visitors in Edward Hopper’s famous “Nighthawk” diner thanks to Mayor Lightfoot


10. Sadly, no paletas during lockdown 🙁

11. The Green Mill is closed, people!


12. So is Guarantee Rate Fields


13. Do not gather at The Bean!


14. All beaches are closed


15. No, she does not.


16. Take it to go or order delivery


17. The Gallaghers better be at home and not at the Alibi.


18. Stay Home alone.


19. Even the Blues Brothers need to stay home.


20. Stay in bed if you’re sick.


21. There’s no day off from the stay-at-home order.


22. This Drake meme crossover is hilarious


23. Navy Pier is closed, too.


24. Take out or delivery pizza only!


25. Dolphins at the Shedd Aquarium gotta stay home, too.


26. No, you still can’t go to the lake

27. Don’t test her

28. Even Lightfoot knows MBDTF was a 10/10

29. Terminally chill.

30. Stay home, pimps

31. Don’t You (Forget About Me)

32. Lightfoot Begins

33. Lori with friends Tom Hanks and Wilson

34. Don’t even think about it

35. That’ll do, penguin. That’ll do.

36. “I’ll take a ‘u’ for 500.”

37. Victory is near.

38. Mayor Lightfoot even made her own funny video to keep spirits high while we #StayHome


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Feature photo: @ButlerDidIt9

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