Enjoy Dungeons & Dragons Live From The World’s Biggest Pop Culture Conventions!

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C2E2 rolls… It’s a natural D20!

Our friends at Reedpop– those behind some of the world’s biggest pop culture conventions– are keeping us entertained during the lockdown. Adventurers from C2E2, New York Comic Con, Florida Supercon, Comic Con Africa, Emerald City Comic Con, and MCM Comic Con will play a live Dungeons & Dragons adventure tomorrow on Twitch and Facebook live. Get ready for a critical hit!

Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D) is a popular roleplaying tabletop game with player-made characters that embark on adventures created by a Dungeon Master (or DM). As the story plays out, players make decisions by rolling dice to fight monsters, complete quests and build their characters up level by level.

Live and pre-recorded D&D campaigns have become popular over the last few years with podcasts and live streams like Critical Role, The Adventure Zone, HarmonQuest, and Not Another D&D Podcast. The audience for Critical Role’s panel at C2E2 reached capacity within minutes and had to be streamed in a second room for those who couldn’t get in the room to see it. Tons of people at the convention were dressed up in D&D and Critical Role cosplay. There’s never been a better time to be a D&D fan!

The people at Reedpop love D&D which why they’ve decided to bring their convention representatives together for a magical new adventure DM’d by Tim Bates. Each representative will stream live from their living room, seeing as they can’t really all get together in person. Together they’ll play a lively adventure for people around the world to enjoy.

Tune in on Twitch or New York Comic Con’s Facebook at 9 a.m. CT for a Live Dungeons & Dragons adventure!


Feature photo by Alperen Yazgı on Unsplash

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