Chicago’s Quirky Board Game Cafe With Dungeons and Dragons Nights • Bonus Round Game Cafe

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Chicago’s Quirky Board Game Cafe With Dungeons and Dragons Nights • Bonus Round Game Cafe

Adventurers from across Chicagoland, gather round for Bonus Round Game Cafe’s Dungeons and Dragons nights. 

Bonus Round Game Cafe, Chicago’s only board game cafe and bar, recently added Dungeons and Dragons nights to its calendar. To make things even better, the cafe has a full kitchen and cafe with a selection of craft beers and cocktails. Your RPG social calendar just got more awesome. 

Bonus Round offers a nerdy nighttime treat for fans of the immersive roleplay game Dungeons and Dragons, where participants play as different characters and roll dice to make decisions following a story set by a Dungeon Master. Each event— or “campaign” — is different and allows patrons to jump in at any date. Pre-made character sheets are also available for adventurers new to RPGs so there’s no legwork upfront. Just come to the event, grab a bite or beer, and have fun!

Bonus Round is also known as an inclusive gaming spot for nerds of all backgrounds. Gatekeeping is firmly not allowed inside the cafe, as owners Drew Lovell and Courtney Hartley maintain a “no isms policy.” They stand in firm opposition to gaming culture’s often exclusionary vibe. You don’t have to be a Level 50 Half-Elf Druid to enjoy Dungeons and Dragon campaigns at Bonus Round. The cafe encourages players of all backgrounds and gaming experience to join in the dice-tossing fun! 

Great eats alongside fun games. Photo: @bonusroundcafe

If roleplay games aren’t your thing, no worries! Bonus Round also has a library of over 450 board and card games as well as knowledgable staff to teach patrons how to play. They also have a delicious menu of sandwiches, desserts, and drinks to munch on with vegan and gluten-reduced options so everyone can come to game night! 

Dungeons and Dragons nights occur multiple times a week. Those interested can find dates on Bonus Round’s Facebook page. Tickets for Dungeons and Dragons nights start at $12. Daily game passes are $5 and memberships are $14/month or $39/quarter.

Address: 3230 N Clark St Chicago IL 60657

Hours: 2pm-11pm Mon, Wed, Thursday, 2pm-12am Fri, 11am-12am Sat and 11am-11pm Sun. 

More information. 

Feature photo: @bonusroundcafe

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