Challenge Your Chums To Curling And Cocktails On The Gwen Hotel’s Luxury Rooftop

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Challenge Your Chums To Curling And Cocktails On The Gwen Hotel’s Luxury Rooftop

Did somebody say complimentary cocktails?

With Chicago’s unforgiving winter hinting at its imminent arrival, Chicago’s patios and rooftops have begun reinventing themselves with igloos, firepits, and many other wonderful winter solutions. The Gwen Hotel, however, has chosen a different path that combines winter sport and free drinks.

When you think of winter sports, ice skating, ice hockey, and skiing are usually the first to spring to mind. On a rooftop here in the heart of Chicago, there might just be a new winter fad about to emerge and this one comes with complimentary cocktails.

Curling & Cocktails is an annual event held at The Gwen Hotel and it has returned once again for the winter season. The luxury hotel has kitted its rooftop out with not igloos, not ice skating, but an outdoor curling rink high in the sky.

Curling sessions come with small bites and a complimentary round of cocktails meaning you can sip away on your favorite tipple while battling your buddies on the newly opened rink.

Curling is a team sport, originally from Scotland, whereby players use their finesse and accuracy to slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target.

Last year there were numerous competitions and giveaways during the Cocktails and Curling 2020–2021 season so stay tuned via Gwen Hotel’s website or via the Gwen Hotel Instagram page!.

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