Flavored Vaping Products Are Now Banned In Chicago

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Flavored Vaping Products Are Now Banned In Chicago

“We all know that vaping products are marketed to children.”

On Wednesday, September 9, the City Council moved to ban flavored vaping products from Chicago stores and retailers in a 46-4 ruling. Other flavored nicotine products — cigars, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco — will still be available for those over the age of 21. [Featured image: @vapeclubmy]

The ban was proposed by Alderman Matt O’Shea, who argued the consequences of flavored vaping products on children, whom he argued were the target market for such products.

“I’m asking for your support because we all know vaping is unsafe for children, and we all know that vaping products are marketed to children, with flavors like apple, berry, bubble gum, cotton candy, gummy bear, fruit loops, nilla vapes, strawberry shortcake,” said O’Shea. “So please, don’t hide behind ‘vaping is a sensation.’ They’re targeting our children and it will cost lives.”

O’Shea had originally intended to ban all flavored nicotine products, but faced backlash from venders who received business from out-of-town smokers. Other Alderman also argued that further restrictions would contribute to criminal enterprise as well as harm small businesses that are already struggling.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot backed the initiative, noting how smokers are more susceptible to catching the coronavirus as well as smokers’ tendency to start their habit through flavored products.

“We just passed an ordinance banning the sale of flavored vaping products in Chicago. 80% of young tobacco users started with a flavored product so this is a huge step in preventing young people from potentially developing a lifelong addiction to nicotine,” Lightfoot wrote on Twitter.

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