A ‘Don’t Stop Believin” Sing-A-Long Is Taking Place Saturday Night From Windows Across Chicago

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A ‘Don’t Stop Believin” Sing-A-Long Is Taking Place Saturday Night From Windows Across Chicago

Be one of the thousands of Journey fans belting out a hit from their windows this weekend.

Open your window on Saturday at 7pm to join Journey fans across the city as they unite in song. The track of choice will be Don’t Stop Believin’, which couldn’t be more appropriate during these unsettling times.

Ald. Andre Vasquez, organizer behind the mega popular city-wide “Lean On Me” rendition earlier this month, has planned Chicago’s next window-karaoke ballad to take place this Saturday, May 2.  

‘“The response from the public has been inspiring and we look forward to creating more opportunities for our community to come together and lift our spirits,” said Vasquez.

MeTV FM Radio, with the help of Art of Pizza, will broadcast the song on 87.7FM at exactly 7pm. If you’re a hardcore Journey fan then you won’t need a second invite and if you aren’t, but want to join in, you can gather lyrics here and line up the song on your sound system.

“The sing along aims to bring Chicagoans together while residents stay at home and practice social distancing measures,” the website reads.

As Illinois’ stay-at-home order remains in place, Chicagoans have felt as restless as ever. Making this window sing-along a welcomed opportunity to engage in the community while maintaining distance.

The website has also scheduled “rehearsals” every day leading up to the main event where you and others can tune into the station, listen, and warm up your vocal chords for Saturday night.

If you need further motivation, their audiovisual companion, MeTV Television Network will play I Will Survive every day leading up to the song.

For more details, head to the website event page, here.

[Featured image: @Pedro Lastra via Unsplash]

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