Here’s Where To Get Your Deep Dish Delivered

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Here’s Where To Get Your Deep Dish Delivered

These parlors are still wheeling and dealing hot pizza pies.

There’s no shortage of versatility when it comes to the Chicago’s pizza scene. Be it thin crust, stuffed crust, or artisan — Chi Town has the whole game on lock.

While deep dish isn’t something Chicagoans eat on the reg, it’s still the city staple, and, still in rotation during these quarantine days. Read on to find out which parlors that are still slinging out Chicago’s signature ‘za.

Pizza list ranked in no particular order.

1. Bartoli’s Pizzeria

Bartoli’s is Chicago’s true deep dish. The pizzeria whips up heavy pies loaded with oozing cheese and rich, chunky tomato sauce. Their pans are greased with butter opposed to oil which slaps each bite with another layer of taste to this killer pizza. A medium pie ought to fill a house of four, but who doesn’t love leftovers?

2. Uno’s Pizzeria & Grill

Normally swarmed by incoming tourists looking for authentic deep dish, Uno’s might not normally rank at the top of Chicagoan’s list of go-to pizzerias simply because of the crowds. But without the crowds and wait, you can now enjoy this legendary pizza from home in peace.

3. Lou Malnati’s

Lou Malnati’s is a local favorite that has slowly started to become a destination for tourists. And for good reason; the butter-greased pan cooks the crust into a pastry-like perfection. The wedges’ massive size will have you unhinging your jaw to get your teeth around these bites. That said, it’s size is backed by heavy-hitting flavor.

4. My Pi Pizza

The delicious, herbal tomato sauce, flavorful flaky crust, and a perfect ratio between the two, makes the vegan-friendly My Pi Pizza rival any other pizzeria in the city. If you’re quarantine companion doesn’t want to do pizza for the fifth day in a row, this parlor also carries a menu of delicious sandwiches and salads.

5. Pequod’s

Chicagoans might go up and down debating whether or not Pequod’s qualifies as true deep dish pizza. In the end, however, you can’t hear any of the naysayers when your taste buds are savoring each bite of its sweet caramelized crust that contrasts with the salty flavors oh so well.

6. The Art of Pizza

Using Wisconsin cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes, and assortments of fresh ingredients, it’s clear that — here — pizza is truly an art form. Don’t take it from us, take a glance at this write-up from a particularly inspired customer who was so moved by the artwork that he wrote a prayer, a rap, and reams of pun-packed poetry about the Art of Pizza.

7. Giordano’s

The word is out on Giordano’s — and so are they. Now, you can find a Giordano’s in all corners of America. But hey, with their never-ending cheese, can you blame the other cities for wanting a slice of the action?

8. Nino’s Pizzeria

Nino’s offers authentic, no-nonsense pizzas made from scratch. Their gooey, heavenly cheese overflows in golden lakes of flavor. Take your taste buds for a swim in a pie from this South Side staple.

9. Gino’s East

Like Giordano’s, Gino’s East can be found in north, south, and west parts of America. But that doesn’t take away from their delicious flavor-packed pies. If you really want to get that bread, their buttery breadsticks are also a smash!

10. Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta

Founded by the family behind Lou Malnati’s, Pizano’s offers a taste of their famous deep dish legacy. With more traditional, crust-baked pies and smorgasbords of exquisite pastas and shareable appetizers, you can’t really go wrong with Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta.

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