Governor Pritzker: ‘The Stay-At-Home Order Remains In Place’

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Governor Pritzker: ‘The Stay-At-Home Order Remains In Place’

The governor condemned the recent lawsuit as a “cheap political stunt”.

Gov. JB Pritzker announced in a press conference moments ago that he would appeal the recent lawsuit barring his stay-at-home extension.

Yesterday, a judge from downstate Illinois ruled in favor of overturning Pritzker’s recent stay-at-home extension. The ruling, set by the Clay County Circuit Court of the 109th District, followed a lawsuit from Rep. Darren Bailey of Xenia, in which Bailey accused the governor of exceeding his authority and violating civil rights.

Today, Pritzker addressed the recent court ruling. Pritzker explained how the 109th District was among the most “severely ill-equipped” to handle a surge in cases. Additionally, Pritzker revealed that the district was home to the county with the highest death-rate-per-capita of COVID-19 in Illinois.

“This ruling only applies to one person because it was only ever about one person: this was a cheap political stunt,” the governor said.

Pritzker addressed the dangerous precedent set by the court:

“We will not stop this virus if, because of this ruling, any resident can petition to be exempted from aspects from the orders that rely on collective action to keep us all safe.”

The governor declared that the state would appeal the ruling immediately.

“I know this virus is causing devastating economic consequences, just as it has caused thousands to become ill and thousands to die. For two months, not a second has gone by where the economic impact on our working families and our small businesses hasn’t been important and paramount to my decision-making… Responsible people understand the tradeoffs and the consequences of re-opening too quickly.”

As the ruling is challenged the stay-at-home order “is still very much in effect,” the governor said.

The stay-at-home order is presently to remain in place until May 30.

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