Illinois Judge Overturns Pritzker’s Stay-At-Home Extension

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Illinois Judge Overturns Pritzker’s Stay-At-Home Extension

An Illinois judge has ruled against Pritzker’s stay-at-home extension.

Following a lawsuit filed last week by State Rep. Darren Bailey, Judge Michael McHaney of the Clay Country Circuit Court motioned to overturn the governor’s stay-at-home extension.

Last week, Governor JB Priztker announced in a press conference that he would extend Illinois’ stay-at-home order until May 30, a month after the previous order was to remain in place.

In reaction, Rep. Darren Bailey of Xenia, Illinois filed a lawsuit, accusing the governor of exceeding his authority and violating civil rights.

“My lawsuit asks the court to find that Gov. Pritzker overextended his power by issuing additional ‘stay at home’ orders after his original disaster proclamation, which expired on April 9th, 2020,” Rep. Bailey said. “Enough is enough! I filed this lawsuit on behalf of myself and my constituents who are ready to go back to work and resume a normal life.”

As a result of the ruling, cities could choose to neglect the stay-at-home order’s extension beginning May 1. Meanwhile, there will be a temporary restraining order on the stay-at-home order.

Governor Pritzker stated in his press conference today that the office of the Attorney General is already working to battle the suit.

Pritzker’s decision to extend the stay-at-home order followed the reports that Illinois had suffered its’ highest single-day peak of COVID cases since the beginning of the outbreak.

Governor Priztker responded to the ruling in a press conference today:

“Rep. Darren Bailey’s decision to take to the courts to try to dismantle public health directives to try to keep people safe is an insult to all Illinoisans who have been lost during this COVID-19 crisis. And it’s a danger to millions of people who may get ill because of his recklessness.”

A status hearing will take place next week.

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