8 Chicago Yoga Classes To Get You Through The Rest Of Winter

Charli Renken Charli Renken

8 Chicago Yoga Classes To Get You Through The Rest Of Winter

We’re in the final stretch of winter.

Winter can be a downright depressing time in Chicago. The lack of sun, bitterly cold weather, and general moodiness can be felt all over town. Our favorite way to heat up our bodies and destress our minds is yoga! Yoga can be beneficial for all sorts of winter blues from low moods to stiff joints and muscles. There are tons of yoga classes all over Chicago to help you get through the rest of winter. Here are eight studios and classes we really enjoy.

1. The Astrological Vibrations Tour

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If being intuned with the universe helps you find your center, we recommend the Astrological Vibrations tour. This part-yoga class, part-community gathering takes place once a month during a particularly important astrological event, such as a full moon, mercury retrograde, or seasonal solstices. In addition to yoga, the classes will also feature sound-healing to soothe your stress away. After the class, vegan snacks and refreshments will be provided at a communal gathering with some of Chicago’s best metaphysical vendors. Tickets are on sale now.  Read our full article on the Astrological Vibrations Tour here. 


2. Detox, Retox Yoga Class

Detox Retox brings you the best of two worlds thought until now to be total opposites: detoxing yoga and boozy mimosas. Relax and unwind with an hour of yoga from a certified instructor. Let your winter blues go and welcome in upcoming spring. Take a deep breath, let out all that tension, and then join like-minded folks for a social hour featuring bottomless mimosas. Tickets are on sale now!  Read our full article on Detox, Retox here! 


3. Corepower Yoga

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If working up a sweat is how you blow off steam, Corepower Yoga is a national chain known for its hot yoga classes. These classes combine power yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Bikram yoga for an intense whole-body workout. The heated rooms also help your muscles relax, giving you a deeper stretch to tired-out limbs.

If hot yoga isn’t your thing, Corepower also offers unheated yoga classes for beginners or those who just want to unwind and relax. There are also multiple Corepower yoga locations all over Chicago, so you’re not limited to one area. The first week is free for new customers, so give it a try! More information. 


4. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

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If you prefer more traditional yoga that focuses on relaxing your mind rather than burning calories, the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center is a great classical yoga studio in Edgewater. This studio has been teaching Chicagoans classical yoga since 1972 and focuses on five major areas of the mind and body: proper exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, and meditation. Sivananda has a number of classes designed to cultivate inner peace and holistic wellness as well as workshops, retreats, and yoga certification programs. More information. 


5. Bare Feet Power Yoga

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This yoga studio provides a mix of fun, upbeat classes and relaxing, slower flows in the West Loop. Bare Feet’s classes range in difficulty but are all very affordable. Drop-in classes are $25 each and new students can get a month of unlimited classes for $45. The studio also has regular, free community classes in order to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of income. Some yoga classes include Power Vinyasa, “Turn it Up Dog,” “Shut Up and Flow” and “Yin & Roll.” More information.


6. Yoga For All Beings

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Another yoga studio that focusses more on the traditional meaning behind the practice, Yoga For All Beings hosts a variety of classes intended to calm your mind and boost your spirit. Yoga practitioners of all levels are welcome in West Town studio. Classes range in price from $20 for drop-in classes to $140/month. YFAB offers several vinyasa classes, core yoga, yoga Nidra, and more! They also have a really nice waiting area with complimentary tea. More information.


7. Zen Yoga Garage

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This yoga studio actually used to be an auto-repair garage! Zen Yoga Garage combines the traditional meaning of yoga with intense workout classes. Students have a variety of classes to choose from including “Buddha Barre”,  “Zen Hot”, “Zen Vinyasa,” and more as well as workshops, massage and bodywork, and skin care services. Get the whole pamper-package by visiting Zen Yoga Garage in Bucktown. They also have “Little Buddha” classes for kids to keep the whole family zen! More information.


8. Yoga Loft Chicago

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Yoga Loft has two locations in the Chicagoland area (Near North Side and Oak Park) and offers a variety of fitness classes. Choose your level of difficulty from slower, restorative yoga to heated, dynamic workouts. No matter your personal yoga style, you’ll find something for you at Yoga Loft with classes like “Power Flow Vinyasa,” “Ashtanga Flow,” and “Yin-Zen and Chill.” Classes start at $24 for drop-ins and $1400 for annual passes. Yoga Loft also offers class packages from $100 for five classes to $300 for 20 as well as an unlimited monthly pass for $139. More information.

Yoga is our favorite way to unwind during stressful periods. What’s your favorite stress outlet? Let us know on Instagram by tagging a photo of you unwinding with #mysecretchicago. Namaste!

Feature photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

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