A Willy Wonka-Inspired Chocolate Circus Is Coming To Amsterdam

Complete with roller coaster!

Colby Smith Colby Smith

A Willy Wonka-Inspired Chocolate Circus Is Coming To Amsterdam

Time to channel your inner Charlie Bucket.

It seems that confectionary company, Tony Chocoloney, is taking a page — or rather — the whole book out of Roald Dahl’s timeless classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The company, whose name bears a striking resemblance to the whimsical chocolateer in Roald’s story, is building a mega chocolate factory complete with roller coaster in Zaanstad, a town on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

Tony’s Chocoloney’s Chocolate Circus (TCCC) aims to be a fully-fledged factory complete with three volumes — a warehouse, pavilion, and a stacked factory building. The TCCC will feature an auditorium, cinemas, a cafe, and, as you’ve seen, a bright red roller coaster.

At the TCCC, you’ll also find a tropical garden, in which the company will grow cocoa trees.

The design was released by Dutch architectural firm, seARCH.

“Engineers thought we were crazy with this proposal, but thanks to contemporary techniques and insights it can be realized very well,” said architect, Kathrin Hanf.

With its factory, Tony Chocoloney seeks to educate visitors on the production of chocolate, specifically, to shed a light on the darker side of the process which often relies on slave labor.

“The company wants to set a good example. Not with a raised finger, but precisely by adding a ‘fun factor’ to the visitor section, as it does with its products,” says Hanf.

Tony Chocoloney’s mission is to completely eliminate slave labor from the chocolate trade. As such, Tony Chocoloney produces 100% slave-free chocolate abiding by five principles: traceable beans, a higher price, strong cooperatives of farmers, long-term commitment, and improved productivity. To see how you can play your part, visit here.

Tony Chocoloney has submitted its plans for the TCCC and is now awaiting approval from the city council.

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