Embark On A Quest For Giant Trolls At The Morton Arboretum

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Embark On A Quest For Giant Trolls At The Morton Arboretum

Six colossal trolls lurk in The Arboretum’s forests for you to discover.

The Morton Arboretum is home to a cornucopia of gardens, collections, and natural exhibits for Chicagoans to explore. Additionally, the Arboretum is also home to 6 gigantic trolls lingering in hide-aways to protect its wooden areas.

The legend of The Arboretum goes that the 6 trolls first appeared in its wooded areas in 2018. Designed by Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, using reclaimed wood, the trolls — ranging from 15 – 30-feet high, and one 60-foot long —have remained on the grounds in protection of its trees.

Dambo’s trolls in the Arboretum are a part of his project, “The great story of the little people and the giant trolls.” His ongoing project depicts the trolls, which have all been sculpted out of scrap wood and recycled materials, as a group of conservationists tired of bearing witness to the continuous destruction of nature. In Chicago’s Troll Hunt, it’s up to forward-thinking visitors to bridge the gap between the misunderstood creatures in pursuit of conserving the city’s green spaces.

While the history of trolls according to Scandinavian folklore is a little murky, one Norse legend refers to forest trolls — giant-like creatures who roved wooded mountains — are the basis behind the troll creatures that roam the grounds of The Morton Arboretum.

Troll Hunters can now journey through the Arboretum in search of these creatures. Specifically, visitors will be able to purchase advanced, timed-entry passes. Those who aren’t members must reserve a member or guest pass in advance online. Tickets run for $15 for adults (18-64), $13 for seniors, $10 for children (2-17), and no cost for infants younger than 2.

In other news, the Children’s Garden at the Arboretum reopens Monday, August 17, and will from then on offer entry between noon and 4 pm daily. Advanced tickets will also be required.

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