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People Are Losing It Over This ‘Skinny House’ Near Chicago, And Here’s What It Looks Like Inside

By Colby Smith

People Are Losing It Over This ‘Skinny House’ Near Chicago, And Here’s What It Looks Like Inside

The 3-foot-wide “Pie House” in Deerfield, Illinois went viral after piquing the interest of baffled TikTok users.

Quarantine and conditions of the new normal have provided many families and couples with the time to get closer together. For the residents of the “Pie House” in Deerfield outside Chicago, that was quite literally.

Photo credit: VHT Studios

The house recently exploded over Tik Tok after user @eli.korn_did uploaded a video of the two-story home’s narrow dimensions. Now having been viewed over a million times, the video features the user showcasing the main facade of the house — appearing nothing out of the normal — then leading the house’s lefthand wing, which reaches a total width of three feet.

Photo credit: VHT Studios

Like most things, there are more than meets the eye. The two-bedroom home occupies a total of 3,876-square-feet of space on a triangular plot of land. That is, the 3-foot-wide “point” of the house wedges outwardly to an adjacent side that measures around 20 feet in width — hence, giving the home a pie shape.

Photo credit: VHT Studios

Furthermore, the interior of the home offers more than 1,600-square-feet of living space, and judging by the photos, is a lot less cramped than you would imagine. Included in the home are two bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, storage space, hardwood floors, and a finished basement.


The house is located at 970 Chestnut Dr. for locals who want to get a closer look!

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