The Iconic Lion At The Art Institute Is Donning A Mask In Solidarity With Chicago

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The Iconic Lion At The Art Institute Is Donning A Mask In Solidarity With Chicago

Picasso’s got one, too!

Chicago’s iconic statues are playing their role in keeping the city safe by donning protective masks in a gesture of solidarity with their fellow citizens.

As an addendum to Pritzker’s stay-at-home extension, Chicago citizens are to wear masks at all times in public spaces beginning tomorrow.

This morning, the crew at the Art Institute draped masks over Chicago’s iconic statues bearing the city’s flag.

“We’re trying to encourage people to make masks and donate them and we think it would be great if some landmarks in Chicago also wore masks to sort of spread awareness and show a sense of unity that we’re all in this together,” said Kati Murphy, Executive Director at the Art Institute of Chicago’s Public Affairs.

Beginning tomorrow, May 1, face masks will be required state-wide. Under the mandate, individuals must wear some sort of face covering when in a public space that doesn’t permit feasible social distancing of more than six feet — such as a grocery store.

The Art Institute of Chicago is closed to the public throughout the duration of the stay-at-home order. They have, however, opened up their collection to the masses virtually.

On their website you can explore their collections of priceless art, watch a variety of videos profiling artists and giving insights into their work, take audio tours, and interact with their image-rich story features.

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