Mayor Lightfoot’s COVID-19 Update Tells Of Encouraging Signs But Urges Caution

Learn from Canada's Thanksgiving repercussions, says Arwady.

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Mayor Lightfoot’s COVID-19 Update Tells Of Encouraging Signs But Urges Caution

The first supply of a vaccine is expected to arrive in Chicago in the next 5 weeks.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced in Wednesday’s press conference that there has been a “modest amount of improvement” in regards to Chicago’s Covid-19 positivity rate. The improvements come just before a Thanksgiving weekend during which a reported 15 million Americans are still expected to be traveling around the country.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged residents to keep Thanksgivings limited to immediate households and instead turn to video chats and virtual meetings. “We are extremely concerned about Thanksgiving weekend becoming a superspreader event.” Though the levels of Chicago’s Covid-19 positivity rate are showing encouraging signs of improvement, Lightfoot warned that cases are still “dangerously high.”

Arwady then looked to Canada and a dramatic upturn in cases after their Thanksgiving weekend last month.

A sobering prediction of  “an additional 1,000 deaths by the new year just in Chicago alone” also reminded viewers of the severity of the virus and the potential damage that this weekend can have.

Lightfoot, joined by Dr. Allison Arwady of Chicago Department of Public Health and Dr. Mena Lora of Infectious Diseases, did deliver more uplifting news that a vaccine is in the final stages of potential approval and is expected to come to Chicago sometime in December. Widespread distribution is currently being planned but will be determined by federal rules and Arwady emphasized that regardless of this source of optimism we as a city are still “a long way from herd immunity.”

See the full Covid-19 update here:

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