Mayor Lightfoot Gives Virus Update With Vaccine Expected Before The End Of The Year

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Mayor Lightfoot Gives Virus Update With Vaccine Expected Before The End Of The Year

All adults to be vaccinated sometime in 2021.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has revealed that the first supply of a vaccine is expected to arrive before the end of the year. Lightfoot was joined by Commissioner of Chicago Department of Public Health Dr. Allison Arwady, M.D. and Dr. Alfredo J. Mena Lora, MD of Infectious Diseases to give an update on the morning of Wednesday, November 25.

According to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the projected timeline for the vaccine is still not completely clear but she did reveal that  Chicago is “expected to have the first supply of Covid-19 vaccine before the end of this year.” She went on to say that plans are in motion to arrange distribution but cautioned that “widespread distribution in Chicago is still months away and will be determined by federal rules not state not local.”

Wide distribution will likely be carried out throughout 2021 with all adults expected to be vaccinated during next year. “We’re building upon systems that have been in place for years when it comes to distributing other kinds of vaccine,” said Lightfoot, “as we speak our department of public health is working with partners at all levels including hospitals, healthcare providers, and community leaders.” Centralized sites such as city colleges were mentioned by Lightfoot as well as mobile sites deployed at trusted community areas.

Watch the whole COVID-19 Chicago update here:

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