Target Introduces Dedicated Shopping Time For ‘Vulnerable Guests’ Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Target Introduces Dedicated Shopping Time For ‘Vulnerable Guests’ Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The elderly and immunocompromised people will be able to safely shop during the first hour of opening every Wed.

Target is implementing a number of health and safety protocols to keep both employees and customers safe during the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to cleaning customer-facing areas every 30 min, closing its in-store restaurants, and expanding healthcare and paid sick leave, Target will host specific hours for vulnerable guests to shop.

Starting today and every Wed during the outbreak, the elderly and immunocompromised will have the first opening hour of shopping time to get groceries and supplies. Target is asking that other customers plan their shopping around these areas.

As Max Brooks explained in his recent PSA, people with good immune systems under the age of 60 have a lower fatality risk. If they get COVID-19, they might get sick, but they’ll probably be able to recover. For elderly people and those with existing health conditions, getting the virus is a larger health and safety risk. This is exactly why Target is implementing these dedicated hours.

Target will also be closing earlier in order to spend more time cleaning stores. Stores will also be cleaning customer-facing areas like check lanes and touchscreens and adding more staff for pick-up services. Employees will also receive paid sick leave (two weeks if quarantined) and expanded child-care benefits for both full and part-time employees.

Feature photo courtesy of Target.

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