Penguins And Otters Got To Hang Out Today Since The Shedd Aquarium Is Closed

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Penguins And Otters Got To Hang Out Today Since The Shedd Aquarium Is Closed

The penguins continue their march through The Shedd Aquarium during coronavirus closure.

The Shedd Aquarium’s rockhopper penguins have gone viral this week as the internet falls in love with their little field trips to other exhibits. Wellington, one of the penguins, continued his adventure through the aquarium by visiting the sea otters today. Penguins and sea otters?? Together?? Excuse us while we die from how adorable the Shedd Aquarium’s social media accounts are right now!

32 year-old Wellington, who is apparently twice rockhopper penguins’ life expectancy, seems totally transfixed by the otters dashing back and forth behind the glass. You can clearly see in the video how he follows the otter’s movements and ducks in close to get a good look. The otters seem excited about their new friend, too, swimming by the glass to get a good look at the peculiar little bird.

The Shedd Aquarium has been posting animal encounters (mostly penguins because we can’t get enough of the little guys) every day since they closed their doors for two weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak. We really have the Shedd to thank for providing adorable photos during a dark time in the world’s history. Yesterday, for St. Patrick’s Day, many of the Shedd’s animals posed in festive green attire, all to cheer up visitors at home. How cute is that bowtie!

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Feature photo: @shedd_aquarium, Instagram

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