Nightly Spirits: Get Spooked At Chicago’s Paranormal Pub Crawl

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Nightly Spirits: Get Spooked At Chicago’s Paranormal Pub Crawl

Nightly Spirits’ haunted pub crawl will leave your spine (and your beers) chilled.

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you chance a couple beers on occasion? Are you interested in taking the 5-star-rated tour? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then this creepy pub crawl is for you — (obligatory “if you dare” tag). [Featured image: @nightlyspirits]

Bad news, Chicago, evidently we’re one of the most haunted cities in America. Bars, buildings, parking lots, theaters — all possessed by undead spirits dating back to the 1800s. Nightly Spirits gives you the opportunity to meet your incorporeal neighbors while unmasking the freaky history that plagues the local neighborhood. But keep your spirits up, the tour also makes a number of boozy stops at local haunts along the way.

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“We will take you through alleys, around buildings, and creep you out with stories of murdered gangsters, mobsters, and old owners that won’t vacate buildings,” the tour company writes on this website. “Our stories on this tour explore some of the most famous prohibition era gangsters including Dillinger and Capone. Walk the same path Dillinger did in his final steps of life and catch a glimpse of what many believe is his ghost reliving his death!”

The tour begins at Haray Caray’s Italian Steakhouse where the group will meet their guide, in costume. Following, the guide will lead down a path of enlightening darkness.

“We will descend to the secret hideout of Al Capone’s main enforcer, Frank Nitti. We will share how the city was divided during prohibition and the gang wars that resulted from it, we will reveal the sad details about the death of the legendary Scarface, and we will even figure out your mafia name to see how you measure up in the mean streets of the Windy City.”

Each tour lasts for all eternity — excuse me, two-and-a-half hours. Just make sure to have a couple waters throughout the night, unless you want to give the Sunday scaries a whole new meaning. Tickets cost $25 per tour not including drinks.

Additionally, Nightly Spirits offers six types of private tours, for corporate parties, bachelorette parties, and more. Due to the circumstances, tours will be limited to groups of 10.

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