A Drive-Thru Haunted House Experience Is Coming To Lincoln Park • Replay

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A Drive-Thru Haunted House Experience Is Coming To Lincoln Park • Replay

Would you pull into the Alley of Darkness?

If you heeded your parents’ advice as a child to never wander into dark alleys, then buckle your seatbelt because this drive-thru haunted house experience is about to take you for a ride! On October 2, Replay in Lincoln Park will debut its drive-in haunt, Alley of Darkness. [Featured image: @jakobowens1 via Unsplash]

It’s really easy to criticize protagonists in horror movies. Very plainly we’re able to anticipate the consequences that will befall the actors when they wander into that dark alley, open that door, or read that cursed ancient text. It’s easy too to be a backseat driver in car sequences. On October 2, you’ll get to see how it feels to be at the wheel when your vehicle is bombarded at all sides by creeps, ghouls, and goblins.

“Our haunt is set in an alley in the shadows of the Red Line where a horrible incident occurred not long ago,” Replay has written on the event. “You’ll first settle in with a drive in movie experience that sets the narrative. The undead, demons, zombies and more jump out at and rock your car accompanied by sound effects and sprays of blood. That’s right… your car gets covered in blood.”

“Our drive-in haunted house, where you are confined to your car for 30 minutes so you can’t escape the horror until the end. Can you beat the fear coming at you from all directions?”

You can opt out of getting a vehicular blood bath, and/or if desired, rent one of their cars for $25 that which is aired out and sanitized between rides.

The all-ages event will run for seven days a week from 5 – 11 pm beginning October 2. Tickets are now available for opening weekend.

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