Multiple Airlines Will No Longer Serve Alcohol On Flights For COVID-19 Safety

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Even though Chicagoans can now enjoy their favorite cocktails to-go you won’t be able to enjoy a drink while flying anytime soon.

Here in the U.S., both Delta and American Airlines have updated safety measures to include the banning of alcohol on certain flights to limit unnecessary person-to-person interaction. They join Easyjet and KLM in Europe, and Virgin Australia in Asia, who recently initiated the same rules.

Still, all is not lost. For Delta, they are not serving alcohol on any flights within the U.S. or the Americas, but beer and wine will still be available on international flights (for now). For most flights, beverages will be limited to individual 8.5 oz bottled water, and no plastic cups or ice will be available.

American Airlines has similar rules, but based on the length of the flight. So, alcohol will only be available on “long-haul international flights” or those seated in First Class. For flights under 900 miles, water, canned drinks and juice will be given by request only (so there won’t be a cart coming down the aisle serving each person) and no snacks, alcohol or food available in the Main Cabin. For Flights between 900 and 2,199 miles, the same rules are applied, though complimentary pretzels or Biscoff cookies and bottled water will be given during boarding.

Of course, this is in addition to other safety measures the airlines have taken, including flight workers and customers wearing face masks for the entire flight, as well as reassigning seats to try and create more space between customers.

Most of the international airlines partaking in this new rule are only offering water or perhaps a snack on flights. For others, you can bring food along with you on board, but don’t try to “BYOB” your own cocktail!

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