Chicago Officially Legalizes To-Go Cocktails

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Chicago Officially Legalizes To-Go Cocktails

To-go cocktails are now legal in the Windy City effective immediately.

After slight hesitation, and not a little doubt, Chicago has finally legalized the sale of to-go cocktails.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, bars and restaurants have had to utilize every resource at their disposal to stay afloat in this economically troubling time. Cities across America were quick to make moves that would allow these establishments more liberties in how they conduct their businesses.

Months ago, Pritzker legalized the sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine. This measure also included cocktail kits, or premixed cocktails. While businesses leaned on these sales, providing something of incoming revenue, many declared that the measure wasn’t enough.

Back in April, Julia Momose, Partner and Creative Director at Kumiko in Fulton River District, started a petition entitled Cocktails for Hope | Cocktails To Go, calling for the temporary legalization of the sale of cocktails.

“We need the State of Illinois to allow bars and restaurants with on-premise licenses to sell their carefully crafted cocktails as a way to increase revenue during these trying times,” the petition reads.

At that time, 17 other states across the nation had legalized the sale of crafted cocktails. Since then, that number of states has increased to 34.

Earlier this month, Gov. Pritzker legalized the sale of pre-mixed cocktails into law, which will remain in effect for a year. At the time of this law passing, there was caveat in the bill that would allow for local municipalities to reject the proposal, which had cast doubt on whether or not Chicago would get with the program.

Today, the City of Chicago has officially legalized the sale of to-go cocktails.

With the new law, companies would have to make deliveries in-house, as using third-party deliveries is still prohibited. Furthermore, the cocktails would have to come in sealed, tamper-proof containers. The beverages must also include the bar’s liquor license number on the label and must be transported in trunks for deliveries. Customers must also provide ID upon delivery.

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