Nando’s Delivers Catering To Hospitals And Gives Free Takeout To Healthcare Workers

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Nando’s Delivers Catering To Hospitals And Gives Free Takeout To Healthcare Workers

Nando’s stands together… six feet apart.

Healthcare workers are some of the hardest working people in the world, even outside of a pandemic. Nando’s, the popular South African restaurant chain, wants to show how much these superheroes are appreciated. The restaurant will be delivering free catering to hospitals near all US locations during the coronavirus crisis to show their support.

Not only will all locations deliver catering once a day to hospitals, but any healthcare worker with a valid ID can also pick up free meals. “At Nando’s, we will Stand Together, 6 Feet Apart. We don’t just serve chicken. We serve the community. We’re all in this together,” Nando’s said in a statement.

Nando’s is dedicated to serving the entire community which in addition to healthcare workers, also includes Nando employees, other restaurant workers, and local food banks.

Not only is Nando’s providing free paid sick leave and retaining all employees on payroll, the restaurant will also provide free meals to employee family members impacted by lay-offs. “Because we’re not chicken. We’re family,” Nando’s says. Some Nando’s locations are barely generating revenue, but the company is still keeping them open to make sure employees can still collect a paycheck.

The restaurant also has 50 meals per day allocated for recently laid-off employees of other restaurants and will donate surplus and packaged food to local food banks. Free meals include 1/4 a chicken and chips and are limited to one per day per person while supplies last.

Feature photo: facebook / nando’s peri peri

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