22 People On Twitter Sharing Their Quarantine Experience In One Gif

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22 People On Twitter Sharing Their Quarantine Experience In One Gif

A bit of levity during otherwise dark times.

When times are tough, we like to turn to Twitter for a good laugh. A new Twitter challenge titled #MyQuarantineInAGif, encourages people to process their emotions around the coronavirus outbreak in gif format. Here are 22 of our favorites.


1. @gringo_mijo isn’t totally sure what day it is and… honestly, neither are we.


2. @SaraMcStevenson is doing a much better job cleaning that we are.


3. @Cassx24, we’re right there with you.



4. @walkerwritery is using this time to read and watch movies.

5. @bigpaulierules is all of us when the toilet paper supply is low


6. It’s always breakfast time when it doesn’t feel like time exists!


7. @WriterMarco is taking every precaution.


8. Snacks are essential to waiting out COVID-19.


9. @revel_walker is used to this by now.


 10. @Bsweet_No_DM turns to witchcraft in times of crisis.


11. Six feet apart, people!


12. @SECRETWEETHEART doesn’t have a whole lot on their plate.


13. @CarolSankar is using this time to become a master chef.


14. Quite a problem indeed.


15. @98NKOTBSBGIRL is lending a hand for those in need.


16. @modulatechaos is making the best out of things.


17. @SuedeDouble should probably take a cooking class online.


18. @ShorterthanJ is using KPOP to cope.


19. @chubbyoldcat is running out of things to do


20. At least no one will see it for a while if you mess up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


21. @KyuGoesHard has a big storm comin’.


22. @AlisonMcBain is in the same boat as a lot of parents right now.


As for us, we’re hanging in there while we cover the news.


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