The Maze Garden At The Morton Arboretum Opens To The Public Today

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The Maze Garden At The Morton Arboretum Opens To The Public Today

The arbor research center and nature preserve has opened up their Maze Garden to the public.

Internationally recognized outdoor tree museum and research center, The Morton Arboretum, has opened up their maze garden to sweeten the last stages of summer.

Morton Arboretum, a 1,700-acre tree museum, is known for many things: as a leading center of arbor science home to over a million trees, a refuge for giant trolls, a hiking and biking hot spot, keeper of an award-winning children’s garden, and, for an acre-sized Maze Garden.

“The Maze Garden is now open,” the Arboretum wrote on their Instagram page. “Note that masks are required while in the maze, as well as social distancing. The Maze Garden is free with Arboretum admission.”

Due to the circumstances, the Arboretum has modified the garden in order to provide safe passage for visitors. Additionally, there will be hand sanitizer stations available at the overlook platform.

“Mazes have stimulated imagination and have figured in myth and legend throughout history,” the Arboretum noted on their website. “The one-acre Maze Garden at The Morton Arboretum offers an adventure for young and old alike. Try to find your way through this living puzzle. Every adventure is different. The maze changes from season to season.”

If you’re not good with directions and are low on breadcrumbs to mark your path, you can climb up a 12-foot lookout platform along a 60-foot Sycamore tree for a crow’s nest view of the navigators wandering through.

From September 2 – 5 and September 9 – 12, the Arboretum will be hosting a fall plant sale with an assortment of different shrubs, trees, and perennial plants. [Featured image: @mortonarb]

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