Mayor Lightfoot Lifts City Curfew

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Mayor Lightfoot Lifts City Curfew

As of today, Chicago’s curfew is no longer in effect.

After continuous peaceful protests in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has decided to lift the curfew on the city effective immediately.

“The curfew is lifted effective immediately,” the mayor wrote in a tweet. “I know this time in our city and our country has been difficult for us all, and I’m grateful to our residents for working together to navigate this challenging time.”

Last weekend, on May 30, Lightfoot enacted the citywide curfew to be in effect from 9 pm – 6 am. It was during this time that factions of predominately peaceful protests were interrupted by violence from out-of-state opportunists who began looting and damaging local businesses.

Since then, the curfew has remained in effect. However, due to the continuous numbers of peaceful protests — including yesterday, Saturday, in which around 30,000 Chicagoans protested peacefully without a single arrest being made — the mayor has decided to drop the curfew.

In the past week the city has seen large numbers of citizens, businesses, and communities taking action in solidarity to support one another.

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