You Can Now Order Gin-Infused Ketchup And Mayo Made In Amsterdam

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You Can Now Order Gin-Infused Ketchup And Mayo Made In Amsterdam

Add an extra element to your next hot dog!

We’ve all heard of booze-infused chocolate and cakes, and of course, any good risotto includes a good glug of white wine, but we’ve never before encountered ketchup or mayonnaise that can get you drunk. Until now!

The minds behind the beloved Mossel & Gin seafood and gin restaurant in Amsterdam have been serving their fish and chips with a side of gin-infused mayo for a few years now, but recently they’ve started selling their boozy sauces as condiments to enjoy at home, and we’re all for it!

It’s not just boring old mayo, either. The company uses Zaanse mayonnaise, a firm favorite in the Netherlands, which includes a delicious mix of spices. Combined with gin, the mayo has a 2% alcohol content. So, it’s not really going to have you falling all over the place after you’ve eaten it, but it does have a subtle, alcoholic taste that cuts through the creamy mayo deliciously. If ketchup is more your thing then don’t worry, they’ve infused that with gin too, and it’s equally as delicious!

You can order it to the United States online at celebratewhatyoueat.com and it’s available more or less worldwide.

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