Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, and The Dixie Chicks All Released New Music Videos This Week

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, and The Dixie Chicks All Released New Music Videos This Week

That’s a lot of music in one week!

Apparently this week was the week to premiere music videos. Multiple big-name artists let out new music videos including”I Love Me” by Demi Lovato, “Never Worn White” by Katy Perry,and “Gaslighter” by the Dixie Chicks. Here are the three top music videos from the week for your easy listening.

“Gaslighter” by The Dixie Chicks

After the country music world effectively kicked them to the curb in 2003, the Dixie Chicks have finally returned with their first single since 2007. “Gaslighter” is the leadoff single from an upcoming album of the same name which will be the group’s first in 14 years. Whether you like country music or not, you have to admit this is a banger likely to launch the Dixie Chicks back into the public eye.


“I Love Me” by Demi Lovato

In this self-love anthem, Lovato literally beats herself up over the way her negative thoughts impact her mental health. With lyrics like “Cause I’m a black belt when I’m beating up on myself, but I’m an expert at giving love to somebody else,” and “Why am I always looking for a ‘ride or die’ cause mine’s the only heart I’m gonna have for life?” this is a killer song to get your out of your head and into loving yourself. Thanks for fighting that fight with us, Demi!


“Never Worn White,” by Katy Perry

Not only did Katy Perry release a floral music video for her new single “Never Worn White,” she also revealed at the end of the video that’s she’s pregnant! This simple, yet touching video initially seems like she’s expressing her devotion to a new husband, but watch it twice and you might realize she’s actually showing her excitement, fear, and dedication to new motherhood. What a way to announce you’re pregnant!


“Stupid Love” by Lady GaGa (last week)

Okay, so technically this video dropped last week, and really it’s just a giant ad for Apple’s iPhone 11 but it’s such a hot track, we wanted to include it anyway. The music video was shot entirely with the new iPhone (and, you know, professional gear, set decoration, editing software etc.) and it’s been huge all over the world. The new single even interrupted an important coronavirus meeting in Italy. Oops.

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