Enter Another World With This Immersive Chicago Walking Experience

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Enter Another World With This Immersive Chicago Walking Experience

From mid-October, the city of Chicago will become an interactive museum

The digital era is in full swing and in the world of today it feels like new innovative technology is popping up left, right, and center. With perfect timing, a new form of interactive tourism has arrived in the streets of Chicago. Vicissitudes of 2020 have dampened our opportunities to travel but a new collaboration between Chicago Immersive and First Person Travel invites us to explore in a way we’ve never explored before.

Think of Westworld minus the scary artificial intelligence and you have WANDER – a unique walking experience that invites guests to travel to another world while keeping their feet firmly on familiar ground. In this first-ever immersive narrative travel experience, WANDER uses state of the art technology and interactive stories courtesy of First Person Travel to fuse exploration of the present world with the discovery of its distant past.

Assisted by smartphones and live actors, cultural tourism breaks free from its realms in the buildings of the Loop and transforms Chicago itself into an interactive museum. Audio stories, live interactions between civilians, and immersive technology will take you far from your day-to-day experience of Chicago to a new and mysterious place.

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Chicago Immersive is an award-winning company dedicated to bringing immersive events to the Midwest. Be they escape rooms, cognitive challenges, or epic theatrical creations, the events offered by Chicago Immersive are hands-on action-packed experiences. The other half behind WANDER is First Person Travel, a pioneering company with the aim of creating more meaningful travel experiences. Using informative narratives, authentic performances, and modern-day technology First Person Travel creates interactive travel tours that weave the past and the present.

Wander: Lincoln Square – A Chicago Walking Experience is the latest one of these cutting-edge experiences and will run every week from Thursday through to Sunday starting in Lincoln Square. Guided by live agents and prerecorded historical scenes you will be taken through the streets of Chicago on an immersive journey. Technology, live actors, and meticulous work behind the scenes have created an interactive outdoor adventure safe in the heart of the city.

20 participants will be able to experience each WANDER walking experience and all tours will last between 65 and 75 minutes. Ticket holders will be assigned a time and where to find the purple Chicago Immersive Flag that will be waiting for them. From there they select their own path guaranteeing that social distancing measures are carried out.

A smartphone, headphones, and facemask are all essential and once you begin the immersion you won’t be able to use your mobile phone for any present-day nonsense. Grab your tickets now!

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Thursdays through Sundays, at various times (select during purchase)

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