Someone Stole Weed Out Of A Cannabis Amnesty Box At Midway And No One Is Surprised

Charli Renken Charli Renken

cannabis box theft

TSA is the only one who didn’t see this coming, apparently.

A traveler at Midway airport got away with a box’s worth of weed after reaching into one of the cannabis amnesty boxes, grabbing its contents, and leaving the airport. Many feel it was really just a matter of time since the boxes were installed earlier this month.

It’s still illegal to fly with cannabis, so the cannabis amnesty boxes are meant to be a convenient way for travelers to get rid of any pot they might have forgotten (or “forgotten”) they were carrying.

The weed that was stolen had been discovered on another man Wed morning. The man was then escorted to dump his pot in the amnesty box before getting back in line to make his flight. NBC Chicago reported when the police checked the box at 8 p.m., it was empty.

Security footage shows a man reaching into the box around 6 p.m., grabbing the weed, and running away. Investigators believe the suspect has just arrived on a flight when he ransacked the box. It’s still unclear how he got into the box, as it was supposed to be locked.

Not many people are surprised the theft occurred. The cannabis amnesty boxes have been a source of humor on the internet for several weeks. They’re colloquially known to some as the “TSA tip jar” and Comedian Hannibal Buress called them, “a waste of metal.”

Chicago police were still looking for the suspect as of publication.

Feature image: @coygoonersgirl

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