Chicago Will Make Noise And Honk Car Horns Tomorrow Night To Support Justice For George Floyd

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Chicago Will Make Noise And Honk Car Horns Tomorrow Night To Support Justice For George Floyd

The cacerolazo protest will begin Saturday evening at 7 pm.

The City of Chicago will honk their horns, bang pots and pans, and make noise to protest against the death of George Floyd, who died after his neck was crushed under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 30, the city will beat their pans using utensils, honk their horns, or otherwise create a “noise barrage” for seven minutes in solidarity of the ongoing protests around the country.

“We support ongoing protest efforts across the country and the world but want to offer a form of collective action for those unable to join these efforts due to questions of health, dependent care, accessibility, etc,” the Facebook event reads.

Its event organizers say that the cacerolazo protest is intended to give a voice to city residents who want to stand up for George Floyd, but are unable to attend the in-person protests — whether due to their fear of the coronavirus, necessity of childcare, lack of access to public transportation, or otherwise.

“We are calling for a city-wide cacerolazo/noisemaking effort for 7 minutes at 7PM on Saturday, May 30. We draw on this tradition of inclusive Latin American protest to express solidarity between marginalized communities.”

Tomorrow, there will also be an in-person protest organized by the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Pueblo Sin Fronteras/Familia Latina Unida, and Black Lives Matter Chicago beginning at 2 pm in the Federal Plaza. The event already has 2,000 members set to attend.

The cacerolazo is a form of protest that originated in Europe back in the early 19th century. Since then cacerlazo has been common in Spanish communities across the world.

The event encourages participants to use the hashtag #7at7forGeorge.

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