Accounts To Follow On Social Media To Keep Learning Once #BlackoutTuesday Is Over

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Accounts To Follow On Social Media To Keep Learning Once #BlackoutTuesday Is Over

With so much information circulating in recent days, it can be hard to distinguish between misinformation, what to believe and who to follow.

While the social media protest today is a gesture of solidarity, it means nothing if as a society we’re not doing our part behind the scenes, putting in the legwork to change ourselves—and that message is not lost on us. As the team at Secret Media spends today listening, reflecting, researching, and learning more about how to support our Black communities we’ll also be sharing with our readers the resources we’re following on social media (in addition to off-line resources) in hopes they can be as useful to you as they are to us.

Note: we’d appreciate any suggestions and recommendations from the community as well to start adding to this – while this article focuses mostly on Instagram accounts we’d love to open that conversation to include more from Twitter, as well as any other social media platforms. 

On Instagram

1. @rachel.cargle

2. @ckyourprivilege 

3. @laylafsaad

4. @ibramxk

5. @thegreatunlearn

6. @ajabarber

7. @strongblacklead

8. @theconsciouskid

9. @shaunking

10. @mspackyetti

11. @lpeopleswagner

12. @celinescelines

13. @sarahsophief

14. @ebonyjanice

15. @equalitylabs

16. @ihartericka

17. @colorofchange 

On Twitter

1. @mireillecharper  (also on Instagram: @mireillecharper)

2.  @nowhitesaviors 

3. @survivepunish

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