Browse An Eerie & Eclectic Mix Of Bizarre Bric-A-Brac At Andersonville’s Creepy Curiosity Cabinet

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Browse An Eerie & Eclectic Mix Of Bizarre Bric-A-Brac At Andersonville’s Creepy Curiosity Cabinet

Antique taxidermy, anatomy items, military paraphernalia, books, maps, toys, and a whole load of thingamajigs and whatchamacallits – Woolly Mammoth houses the indescribable.

With the plethora of high street retail stores around Chicago, it’s always a pleasant experience stumbling across something a little different from the norm. There’s a charm to perusing vintage and antique items, especially if you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re utterly unique.

When it comes to bizarre bric-a-brac in the Windy City, not many places can vie with Andersonville’s Woolly Mammoth Chicago store and its amalgamation of the unordinary and the unexpected. Describing itself as “a curiosity cabinet of odd, amusing, and eclectic items resurrected from the past,” Woolly Mammoth Chicago specializes in antique taxidermy and vintage knick-knacks.

The oddities found within range from bones and books to stuffed animals and military paraphernalia. With antique taxidermy, anatomy items, mind-boggling maps, titillating toys, and a whole load of thingamajigs and whatchamacallits, entering Woolly Mammoth Chicago is like stepping into a time machine.

A quick scroll through the store’s Instagram and you’ll see why we’re suggesting a Halloween visit this season. Knick-knacks of all shapes and sizes are scattered around but it’s the unnerving yet titillating mix that gives the shop a mysterious charm.

One Instagram post captioned “a cemetery is not a nuisance merely because it depresses sensitive people as a reminder of death…” sums up the store’s approach to things conventionally considered morbid and macabre. There’s no fear, no fret, just an interest in all items of dazzling diversity.

We suggest heading down to the Andersonville store this month and browsing their bizarre bibelots while the howls and horrors of Halloween hang in the air.

Woolly Mammoth Chicago is located at 1513 West Foster Avenue and is open every day from 12-5. You can find out more information over at the Woolly Mammoth website or via the Woolly Mammoth Instagram.

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