Host A BYOB 3-Course Meal With Live Music In Woodlawn’s Exclusive Rooftop Igloo

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Host A BYOB 3-Course Meal With Live Music In Woodlawn’s Exclusive Rooftop Igloo

Dine-in a rooftop dome beneath the stars.

Of all the igloos to have cropped up in and around Chicago, there is something extra special about the exclusive rooftop igloo down at The Woodlawn. The trendy decor within makes it both a comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing escape and the perfect place for a romantic evening or a night out with friends. It’s the contents of the evening on offer, however, that make it a grade above the rest.

With a rooftop igloo booking down at the Woodlawn you’re not just investing in a quick catch up, you’re treating yourself to a lavish winter night under the twinkling stars. Each two-hour reservation includes a 3-course meal and alcoholic beverage selections but if bottle service doesn’t tickle your fancy, the Woodlawn also accepts that you might want to bring your own booze. The flexibility means you and each of your friends can bring your favorite concoctions and enjoy an evening like you would in the comfort of your own home. To make the night even more unique the igloo can be decked out in roses for $50 and, for bookings of 5 and less, a live musician can sweeten the experience for $100.

Within the clear domed hideaway, a 3-course meal completes an evening that checks all the boxes. Five main course choices of garlic herbed lamb chops, roasted chicken, seared salmon, shrimp alfredo, and stir fry vegetables means that vegetarians, pescetarians, and meat-eaters all more than covered.

A rooftop igloo for 2 – 5 people costs $125 per person while a luxury streetside pod for 2-6 people costs $100 per person. The Woodlawn can be found at 1200 East 79th Street. Head to the Woodlawn’s website for more information or email at info@thewoodlawn1200.com.

Check out the igloo experience below:
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