Willie Wilson’s 5 Million Mask Donation Will Be Available For Chicagoans Tomorrow

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Willie Wilson’s 5 Million Mask Donation Will Be Available For Chicagoans Tomorrow

The single largest donation of face masks to Illinois will be handed out tomorrow, May 9.

Continuing his unparalleled generosity, businessman and former mayoral candidate Dr. Willie Wilson is donating 5 million masks to first responders and Illinois citizens.

“It is well documented that there is a shortage of face masks and other personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and the general public. I am moved by compassion and a deep sense of responsibility to step up and make this donation to help my neighbors in Chicago and throughout Illinois,” said Wilson in a press release.

The businessman also said that the issue was very personal to him, as he had lost 9 friends and minsters to COVID-19.

Wilson announced that the masks would be available at three locations this Saturday, May 9. You can pick up yours at:

8:00 am – 12:00 pm: Mt. Vernon Baptist Church (parking lot) at 2622 W. Jackson, Chicago, Illinois

9:00 am – 12:00 pm: Apostolic Church of God (parking lot) at 6320 S. Dorchester, Chicago, Illinois

1:00 pm – 6:00 pm: House of Hope (parking lot) at 752 E. 114th Street, Chicago, Illinois

“During this pandemic so many people have lost their jobs and can’t afford to buy face masks or pay their rent. Many of our food pantries are being overwhelmed by citizens who have no food. Leaders have an obligation to act in times of crisis and now is the time for action,” Dr. Wilson said.

The businessman has a rag-to-riches story, where he began as a sharecropper, getting an education, then working his way up the ladder at McDonald’s until he eventually owned and sold five of their franchises.

Wilson also produced an Emmy-award-winning gospel program called Singsation on WGN.

Today, he owns Omar Medical Supplies Inc., which he founded in 1997. His award-winning company supplies schools, governmental institutions, corporations, and restaurants chains with gloves, protective clothing, and safety supplies.

In addition to being the single largest donor of face masks to the state of Illinois, Dr. Willie Wilson has also personally donated $1 million to those that have lost their jobs and the pandemic, as well as an addition $1 million to support 1,000 churches.

[Featured image from Wilson’s Facebook account]


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