This WIFI-Free Library Bar In Chicago Is A Boozy Hideaway

Colby Smith Colby Smith

This WIFI-Free Library Bar In Chicago Is A Boozy Hideaway

Stimulating conversation through books and libations.

In an age that’s overloaded with streaming, technology, and social media (guilty!), Kibbitznest in Chicago is going against the grain by privileging good old fashioned conversation through enlightening reads and enlightening libations.

Back in time’s past, intellectuals would congregate in the darkened corners of smoky bars. Over not a few rounds of drinks, they’d discuss the ideas that would reshape the future of art, politics, and culture. Whether you want to speak, listen, or merely socialize with the community over drinks and un-interrupted conversation, Kibbitznest is the place for you.

“We believe in giving back,” the non-profit, bookstore, and bar wrote on its webpage. “That is why we support the mission of the 501(c)3 non-profit kibbitznest to preserve the quality of human interaction by promoting a balance between face-to-face and electronic communication media. In that spirit, we are a Wifi-FREE Zone! —providing the community with a “Third Place” where creative, sensitive, and intellectual discourse is practiced.

For the record, Kibbitznest isn’t anti-tech, but rather low-tech, wherein patrons are encouraged to capture and share their moments whilst whisked away in revery.

Photo credit: @ kibbitznest

Inside, bookshelves line its cozy salon, one that’s punctuated with a foosball table, comfy chairs, coffee tables, and an occasional typewriter.

“As a bookbar, we encourage the the use of our comfy chairs and couches as well as communal tables where patrons can socialize while enjoying a glass of wine, a craft cocktail, Irish coffee, one of our 35 craft beers and more.”

To really get the conversation flowing, Kibbitznest offers a variety of homespun cocktails as well as dozens of craft beers. Additionally, the bookbar offers an assortment of cheese, meat, nut, fruit, and vegetable plates, as well jumbo hotdogs and ice-cream-based sweets!

Due to the present situation, the bookbar has had to close off its indoor space. However, you can still support the non-profit’s mission by ordering from their collection of reads, including rare and signed books!

Additionally, you can further stimulate your wit with a choose-your-own 8-pack from their selection of dozens of craft beers for curbside pick-up. [Feature image: @kibbitznest]

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