A Real-Life 400-Pound Outdoor Ice Igloo Is Coming To West Loop

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A Real-Life 400-Pound Outdoor Ice Igloo Is Coming To West Loop

The arctic is coming to West Loop.

There’s a whole load of outdoor dining options across Chicago right now. With indoor dining restrictions, many bars and restaurants are impressively resisting the exacerbating weather and attempting to provide warmth with heaters, fire pits, and windproof shelters. One West Loop bar, however, has plans to outdo them all.

The folks down at PB&J in the West Loop have decided that rather than fight the winter chill, maybe it’s time to embrace it. If we’re being given polar problems, why not pay heed to the pioneers of the polar regions? That’s right… the typical arctic abode is coming to West Loop.

PB&J’s answer to the Midwest’s winter is an arctic-inspired life-size igloo made from 400 pounds of fresh ice. The frozen dome is coming to West Loop as part of a winter wonderland that will be taking over 205 N Peoria Street from Friday, January 29, through at least February 14.

If you’re familiar with PB&J you’ll know about its menu loaded with pizzas, sandwiches, and, of course, some exquisite craft cocktails. The entire outdoor area of PB&J will offer an interactive ice bar experience with all the crowd-pleasers of their much-loved menu.

Igloos have stood the test of time thanks to their amazing ability to heat up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit above the outside temperature and now that arctic ingenuity can be experienced right here in one of Chicago’s coolest neighborhoods.

Walk-in guests are welcome if space allows but PB&J will be taking reservations for up to 6 people via OpenTable so you and your quarantine crew can guarantee a spot.

Scroll through photos of the ice bar in construction below:

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