Chicago Hot Dog Stand, Wiener Circle, Now Offers “Curbside Abuse” As A Side Order

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Chicago Hot Dog Stand, Wiener Circle, Now Offers “Curbside Abuse” As A Side Order

Get your hot-dogs charred while you get roasted.

Chicago’s iconic, and foul-mouthed, hot dog stand, Wiener Circle is now offering their street food for curbside on Tock. If you’re pining for a good verbal ass-whooping, you can choose a side of “curbside abuse” and get roasted by the staff as you wait in line.

Before you start with the questions on why someone would want to be verbally abused, I both encourage and discourage you from taking a quick look at the r/RoastMe subreddit. Hundreds of users a day submit a picture of themselves, and request that the internet do its worse in verbally tearing them apart. Thousands do.

However, you don’t have to be an emotional masochist to enjoy the atmosphere at Wiener Circle in Chicago.

The street food stand is infamous for the hurling trade of verbal insults (often profane) that goes on between the customers and staff. And while “endearing” surely isn’t the right word, the vulgar (yet playful) back-and-forth between the restaurant and its customers is most definitely Chicago at its purest.

If you’ve missed having your meals with a side of verbal battery, well dumb ass, I have good news for you. The trash talkers over at Wiener Circle will now give you a side of verbal abuse when you order curbside pickup.

Of course, this isn’t a one-side coin. The side also allows you to clap back with all the cutthroat — but well intentioned — burns you’ve been holding in since the beginning of the pandemic. Come to think of it, the new curbside abuse will provide a cathartic moment for everyone.

Their menu currently offers 14 items, including their Vienna Redhot Char or Steam, Char Cheddar, and Char Polish Dogs, as well as their Char, Cheese, and Double Redhot Char burgers. In addition to curbside abuse, you can also order their Fresh-Cut or Cheddar Fries.

Practice social distancing while you wait for your order, just don’t expect a compliment…

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