Tuesday’s Weather Will 2020’s Warmest Yet; Public Heath Chief Pleads IL Residents To Stay Home

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Tuesday’s Weather Will 2020’s Warmest Yet; Public Heath Chief Pleads IL Residents To Stay Home

Tomorrow’s weather predicts 69°F, but you shouldn’t go outside.

Public Health Chief Dr. Ngozi Ezike pleaded with IL residents during a press briefing Mon to stay inside during tomorrow’s warm weather. While the 69°F might seem like the perfect weather to get some fresh air in, Dr. Ezike worries swarms of people outside could set IL back in the fight against COVID-19.

The number of COVID-19 cases in IL has risen to over 12,000 with 307 deaths. After the number of people who flocked to the lakefront during a warm day two weeks ago, many worry IL residents will go outside despite warnings to stay home. Dr. Ezike worries another influx of people wandering outside could create even more new cases of the coronavirus. With a shortage of PPE, another surge of coronavirus could overwhelm the state’s already strained healthcare facilities.

Gov JB Pritzker also announced during the meeting that the state is only getting a fraction of the PPE supplies asked for from the US Strategic National Stockpile. With a high 10-day burn rate* for PPE, supplies from the SNS are only enough to get IL through a few days. Gov Pritzker says he continues to ask the White House to make more PPE available to states while IL officials continue to seek out additional PPE from suppliers all over the world.

Gov Pritzker, Mayor Lightfoot, and Dr. Ezike continue to urge people to stay indoors, especially tomorrow when more people are predicted to go outside for the nice weather. Gov Pritzker said during the daily briefing, the state’s “biggest weapon [against COVID-19] is you,” encouraging people to stay home.

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*the rate at which healthcare professionals go through PPE equipment in a 10-day period.

Feature photo by natasha t on Unsplash

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