Dig Into Chicago’s Signature Dishes With This Delicious Virtual Tour

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Dig Into Chicago’s Signature Dishes With This Delicious Virtual Tour

Explore the land of glorious grease bombs!

The Windy City is synonymous with sports, architecture, and food— insanely delicious food! Now you can ride straight into the heart of the meatpacking capital of the world with a virtual food tour. This is where you’ll find incredible hot dogs, America’s finest steaks and the beefed-up versions of an Italian classic: The deep-dish pizza.

Allow your tastebuds to get acquainted with the city’s most iconic dishes as you join Bobby’s Bike Hike Chicago for a virtual gourmet expedition around the city. You can order the same dish as your chosen tour from a local spot so that it arrives piping hot at the 6 pm CST start time. You’ll join your host as they pedal through the soaring cityscapes and trace the colorful history of food icons and dish out all the juicy industry secrets.

If there’s one thing you need to check off your food bucket list it’s Chicago’s deep-dish pizza. This live tour takes you deeper into the rich blend of cheeses and vine-ripened tomato sauce housed inside a bulked up crust. Get to know the original family owners and all the ins and outs of making the delicacy with a local celebrity chef. Your guide will answer any questions you have along the way and there’ll be a fun interactive trivia round too.

Once you know your thin crusts from your thick crusts, explore the rest of the amazing street food fare with other tours like The Chicago Hot Dog: (Almost) Too Big for its Britches, Chicago Steakhouses: Raring To Go or even an Italian Beef: From Stockyard Lunch to Chicago Classic.

Make a kitchen detour and sign up for this culinary adventure.

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