Laugh Yourself Off The Sofa During This Virtual Comedy Tour

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Laugh Yourself Off The Sofa During This Virtual Comedy Tour

Is your quarantine is need of comic relief?

Let’s be honest, we could all use a laugh right now. And while we know how tempting it is to cycle through more re-runs of that one sitcom you like, why not freshen things up with some live(stream) comedy! Grab some sofa, keep rocking the sweatpants, and tune into the some of the funniest comics on their Virtual Comedy Tour!

While the CDC hasn’t officially declared laughter as the best medicine, we’re fairly certain that it wouldn’t hurt to have a few good chucks during this crazy time. And if laughter is what you’re after, look no further than this Virtual Comedy Tour.

Fever Originals is teaming up with Herron Entertainment, LLC — a veteran-owned company — to bring some of the funniest comics from around the country to your home. Beginning Thursday, May 21, this Virtual Comedy Tour kicks off at 8:00 pm CDT with some side-splitting jokes and knockout punchlines from comics such as:

  • Lahna Turner, the hilarious songstress on NBC, Comedy Central, Netflix and every network under the sun. She made her appearance on the big screen with Teacher of the Year and has a hit special on Hulu called so…I Wrote A Song About It. 
  • Madison Sinclair, a famous American comedian best known for her appearances on Last Call Comedy
  • Lucas Connolly of Comedy Central’s South Beach and NBC’s Seeso’s New York’s Funniest Comedians
  • Chris Griggs, the regular host of TV Land’s Prime Movies who’s appeared on SNL, IFC, Netflix, Hulu, Bravo, and The Starz Channel.

Also on the bill are Alex Engelbert, Anthony Kapfer, Josh Accardo, John Saponaro, and Chris Espinoza!

If your agenda is already full with such activities as polishing off your second bottle of wine of the evening, or couch-surfing in sweatpants, don’t worry! This event encourages you to get as comfortable as can be while it delivers the funnies to your living room, bed room, or bathroom!

Tune into the laughing stock of live streams for the Virtual Comedy Tour beginning this Thursday May 21 at 8:00 pm. Get your laugh pass today!


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