The First All-Vegan Ice Cream Shop In Chicago Has Opened In Wicker Park

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The First All-Vegan Ice Cream Shop In Chicago Has Opened In Wicker Park

The ethically minded, immigrant-owned shop features dairy-free soft serve.

Chicago’s vegan and plant-based options have been grown rapidly lately. A 100% vegan empanada shop claiming to be the first of its kind in America (yes you read that correctly) announced its arrival in Lincoln Park earlier this year. Shortly after that, a vegan, dairy-free bakery devoted to ostentatious cinnamon rolls opened in Wicker Park. Now, the Wicker Park neighborhood has yet another first-of-its-kind vegan option to broaden its already diverse gastronomy scene. This time it is in the shape of dairy-free soft-serve ice cream.

The exciting new establishment named Vaca’s Creamery is actually the sister business of All Tomorrow’s Pastries, a micro-bakery owners Dylan Sutcliff and Mariana Marinho ran from their Chicago apartment.

The couple moved to Chicago at the start of 2020 after working at a renowned all-vegan ice cream shop in Austin, Texas by the name of Sweet Ritual. With the intention of getting to know the Chicago vegan scene and building their business from the bottom up the couple very quickly reached their baking capacity and set about searching for storefronts where could expand and realize their dream of running Vaca’s Creamery.

Inspired by the passion and principles encouraged at Sweet Ritual, Dylan and Mariana now provide Chicago with an honest, handmade, and truly delicious dairy-free ice cream shop that is sustainable and good for the planet.

Vaca’s Creamery, located in the city’s East Wicker Park neighborhood near Pulaski Park is now Chicago’s first fully vegan ice cream shop offering oat-based soft serve ice cream. The couple have opened their new brick-and-mortar ice-cream shop and are now offering a diverse and intriguing menu of flavors and toppings that are free of palm oil and source every ingredient ethically.

Available flavors include passionfruit, guava, and tiramisu, as well as your staple chocolate and vanilla options and many more we’re yet to discover!

The exciting new establishment opened at 1436 W Blackhawk Street on May 28 and is now selling shakes and sundaes as well as creamy soft-serve ice cream, all of which are vegan and ethically sourced.

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