15 Painted Easter Eggs That Prove ‘Tiger King’ Took Over The Holiday

Colby Smith Colby Smith

15 Painted Easter Eggs That Prove ‘Tiger King’ Took Over The Holiday

Did someone say Joe Eggsotic?

Egg painting, the endearing long-standing tradition of Easter weekend. All over the world, people boil eggs with no intention of eating them. Instead they use their dyes, paints, and paintbrushes to decorate their eggs in springtime pastels or creative illustrations.

This year, plenty of cool cats and kittens expressed their love for the Tiger King docu-series by turning the characters into eggs (lions and all!). Baskets that are usually filled with pretty paintings of simple bunny rabbit imagery or watercolor designs were instead filled with the mullet-wearing Joe Eggsotic.

And if these amazing themed eggs below aren’t enough proof that Tiger King is taking over, Netflix also decided to release a bonus episode on Easter Sunday.

1. The Cutest Couple2. Happy Easter? 3. Things Are Getting Real4. “If Someone Wanted To Kill You, They’d Use…”5. The Mullet’s In Full Bloom6. Yarn Game Strong7. This Should Be An Animated Series8. Great Things Come In Threes9. The Man Had Style10. The Resemblance Is Uncanny11. Best Hair In The Kingdom12. Stop-Motion Sabotage

13. Long Live The Eyebrow Piercing

14. Egg-Mug Shot

15. As Wholesome As It Comes


[Featured image: @kerry.anne.elizabeth]