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A Futuristic Hot Pot Restaurant Featuring Robot Servers & 5D Projections Is Coming To Chicago

Fusing unique Asian cuisine, immersive technology, and thematic soundscapes.

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A Futuristic Hot Pot Restaurant Featuring Robot Servers & 5D Projections Is Coming To Chicago

The X Pot will be Chicago’s first hot pot restaurant and it looks like a glimpse into the future with an experience that “engages all five senses.”

The evolution of the digital age has been relentless. Today it’s not rare to find ourselves using gadgets that wouldn’t have entered our wildest dreams a decade ago. Virtual reality has become part and parcel of the modern world, almost anything (even augmented universes) can be accessed via our phones, and in the blink of an eye, we find ourselves living within the narrative of a sci-fi film.

Well, get ready for even more immersive digital experiences because a new dining experience is coming to Chicago’s hospitality scene that offers yet another jump into the future.

Opening this summer inside the Roosevelt Collection Shops in Chicago, a restaurant known as The X Pot, is bringing robot servers, 360 light projections, and 5D interactive animations to the table.

According to a release sent to Secret Chicago, “Once The X Pot Chicago has officially opened its doors, the atmosphere and aesthetic will be unmatched. From guests’ first steps into the restaurant until their last, they will be fully immersed.”

This immersion is provided with “HD 360 projections and an interactive light show that displays directly onto guests’ dinner plates.”

According to co-founder David Zhao​, ​who opened a similar dining experience with Haibin Yangin in Las Vegas last year, said “Our main goal is to bring interactive dining to the next level. With light projections and robot servers, we will be able to achieve that.”


Robot servers and interactive animations will definitely bring a new style to Chicago’s hospitality scene. While projections are displayed on dinner plates the walls around the restaurant will also change taking guests on journeys to various different landscapes.

The experience fusing unique Asian cuisine, immersive technology, and thematic soundscapes. Courtesy of million-dollar content curation and technology one minute you might be dining next to a blue whale and then next to a glittering field of crystals.

In addition to the robot servers, there will also be human waiters and waitresses on hand providing a mix of authentic and futuristic custom.

Millions have been invested in the technology that makes X Pot such an exciting prospect and we can’t wait to experience it this summer!

For now, we’re unsure on the exact menu options that will be available at X Pot but if it is anything like its Las Vegas counterpart the menu will invite guests to pick a broth, add their chosen proteins, and create it at the table. A variety of Chinese hot pots with five soup bases can be found in Las Vegas as well as dishes such as wagyu short rib, kurobuta pork belly, sliced chicken, and vegan options like black tofu.

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