Wind Through A Maze Of Sunflowers In Peak Bloom At This Illinois Farm

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Wind Through A Maze Of Sunflowers In Peak Bloom At This Illinois Farm

LA Family Farms is full of bright, eye-popping sunflowers!

What’s more emblematic of summer than a sunflower? At LA Family Farms in Paris, Illinois you can envelop yourselves in a bristling field of vibrant sunflowers set to reach their peak bloom August 8 and August 9!

If there’s anything good to have come from this pandemic it was the revitalization of nature. While there’s trails, gardens, and parks, to explore the outside world, you can do yourself one better by taking a day trip to LA Family Farms in Paris, Illinois.

In 2015, LA Family Farms planted sunflowers over a few acres of land for bird seed. The result was breathtaking: fields full of beaming sunflowers, vivid and bristling in full bloom. That’s when the farm had the idea to build a maze with them. For a few years, the farm would welcome visitors to immerse themselves in their labyrinth of flowers. Only for a few shorts weeks out of the year, that is — as full bloom usually lasts for no more than two weeks.

This season, however, it’ll be slightly different than previous years due to the current pandemic. Though you can’t get lost in the field, you’ll still be able to frolic through along their guided winding path!

Additionally, LA Family Farms has made a few other changes and safety precautions to keep visitors safe. Their tractor-pulled wagon, which typically shuttles visitors to and from the sunflower field will not be in operation. Visitors will be able to purchase from their farm store, which carries fresh meats, eggs, concessions, as well as souvenirs — but will not be able to enter inside.

Visitors are encouraged to wear masks — as their staff will be — when six-foot distancing isn’t an option.

For those that haven’t frolicked through a field of flowers before, you’d do yourself a favor by wearing closed toes shoes. Furthermore, anticipate hot and potential muggy weather with some bottled water and some SPF protection.

The farm is open Monday – Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm and Sunday from 11 am – 5 pm. Admission is $5 per person and free for kids below the age of 2. The farm does not allow pets.

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